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Do you have any comments about that last batch of commercial ammo that you shot? Please share your observations and comments. If you have comments about a caliber that is not listed, we will add a category for it. Please send to:

Headstamp Identification

3D "Coyote Duster" SPBT 55gr:
I just picked up a box of 3D Coyotee Varmint Duster ammo and ran a few rounds through an Armalite M15a4 carbine with 16" chrome lined barrel.  I was not at my best today, but the average of five, five-shot groups was 1.201" @ 100yds, with the smallest group being 1.057" and the largest 1.336". No failures of any kind; no signs of excessive pressure. Fifty round box cost $10.89 at my local drug emporium. It is put up in Lake City cases with a 55gr. soft point bullet. Sorry, no chronograph data (club chronograph was not available). In this very limited test, I liked the ammo very much. It is more expensive than most milsurp ammo, but it's considerably more accurate; at least in my rifle.
Submitted by:Monte Taylor

Black Hills 50Gn HP:
I just ran a bunch of B/H ammo through a Browning A-Bolt and cronagraphed them. I have never hand loaded a more consistent round! These 50 gr hp really shot GREAT!Submitted by: Jim Winkels

Black Hills 52Gn "Match":
A true "Match" lightweight hollowpoint. Very accurate and would make a great varmint or home defense load. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Black Hills 68 grn Moly:
Shot in Olympic Arms PCR-SM (service match) rifle with Super Ultra Match 1/10" twist barrel. Excellent ammo, best 3 shot group (off sandbags) were all touching at 100yards. Expensive but I'm using nothing else for matches and breaking in new barrels. (most people would think the 1/10 is too slow a twist for 68 grn, but Berger Bullets recommend 1/10 for their 70grn, and it just works, so I don't know.) The Black Hills reloads are pretty good too, I shot about 200 rounds of the reloaded 62grn moly HP stuff (blue box), and it worked like a charm, but I can't comment as to the accuracy cuz I was plinking. Submitted by: jeph

Canadian C77:
Canadian Military version of SS109. Excellent high quality ammo is packed on a plastic stripper clip that does not work with US military stripper clip guides. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Federal American Eagle 50GN HP or 55GN FMJ:
The best of the US Commercial "Budget" loads. Bright shiny brass, clean, and accurate. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

The American Eagle 55gr. "white box" ammo is probably the most accurate of the commercially available M193 clones.  If you INSIST on shooting M193 clones (55gr. FMJ exposed lead base bullets), this is the best of the bunch. In AR's of 16-20" barrel length, it chronographs a bit slower than Winchester Q3131 (approx. 50-55 fps), but has a slight accuracy advantage.  It is slightly more expensive than Win. Q3131. Submitted by:

Federal 40 gn "blitz" HP:
An extremely Fragile Hollowpoint Varmint load also used by Law Enforcement as a low penetration Tactical load. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Georgia Arms 55gn:
Georgia Arms remanufactured 55gr.Nosler ballistic tips give me 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards out of my Colt M4 16" 1/9. Great ammo, great company. Submitted by: Robert Ioan

HawksView Custom Ammo
Mark Davis at HawksView Custom Ammo will duplicate the Federal match ammo, 69gr. Sierra, moly coated, once fired Lake City brass for approximately $6.oo per box of 20. Shoots outstandingly.  Quick service.  He is a custom loader too and can sell you 55gr. ammo much cheaper. He says about 25 cents per round in any 55gr. bullet. Submitted by: DOUGLAS P. ORTEGO

Hirtenberger 55gr
The Hirtenberger is superb stuff. It is probably better than Federal AE 55gr (I say "probably" because there are so many shooter related variables). It's packaged wonderfully (in vinyl battle packs of 10 boxes of 20 each, 2000 rounds in a nice wooden crate), is beautiful stuff (red laquered and crimped primers, nice and shiny brass and sealed bullet, crimping is nice), and really gives the appearance of great quality control and attention to detail, if that means anything. Plus, the price is right compared to Federal and LC (it is one of the more pricier 55gr's, but you get what you pay for - I bought mine through Eric the Ammoman at It shoots great, is clean, and is reloadable (although a friend reports that it is pain to decap due to a smaller than normal flash hole, but this is solved by reaming the hole after decapping). I can't comment on the flash, as I use a Vortex and there just isn't a flash, ever, with anything. The stuff appears to have identical point of impact as M193 and Federal AE 55gr. at 100 yards. This delivered by a 1/7 16" Colt lightweight barrel zeroed to 250 meters. In my uninformed opinion, this is GREAT stuff for "buy a bunch to put away for a rainy day" type situations (as seems to be happening now since so many sources of ammo are drying up). I'd give it my highest rating, just below Lake City M193 (the holy grail of 55gr ammo in my opinion), and it is cleaner and more polished than the IMI M193 with no giant dents in the case (or even dings). I rate it much more highly than the South African (which smells funny, is dirty, and I wonder if it is crimped correctly due to various reasons), PMC, or Remington (all 55gr of course). Submitted by: Steven J. Greenwald

Hirtenberger SS109, Green Tip, Brass marked 83 5.56 .223.  Beautiful bright, shiny brass, boxer primed.  The primer is crimped with green coloured seal. Fired 120 rds.  The first 110 rds fired without incident, but during the last 10 rds, I had 2 blown primers that ended up in my chamber.  Each time I had to break down the rifle and remove the obstruction (primer). Fired the last 10 at a 1.5' x 2' half inch steel plate at 300 yards. Penetration was a little more than half way through or about twice as far as 55 gr ball. Submitted by: Kendall A. Payne

Hornady 75gr. MATCH
Just shot hornady .223 75 gr. Match both moly and non moly. Moly was
dirtier and no gain in accuracy at 100,300 or 600 yrds. My fav is still the
75 match (Non-moly) shoots straight and CLEAN. It and the 75 gr TAP are
almost the same in acccuracy . I give the edge to the match . At 100 yrds
less than .25 group at 300 could keep them in 1-1.25" 600 hit all target
you aim at ( with hold over of couse:-) ). Submitted by: J

HOT SHOT, Bosnian 62gr. Green-Tip
Hey there, i'd like to add comments on .223 rounds. Fired about 30 rounds of Bosnian "Hot Shot" .223 62gr green tip and i have to say that the ammo is bloody accurate, but i had a FTE after only 25 rounds.  Was end of the day, so i called off the shoot, but will review more later.  Hoping someone else has experiences good and bad with it...
Submitted by: Domenic

IMI M855:
An Israeli Made SS109 equivalent. Excellent high quality ammo. usually sold in a brown "Kraft" style 30 round box. Sometimes marked as Hanson/IMI or Samson/IMI. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Lake City M855:
US Military NATO spec ammo. The best there is. Packed in bandoleers on stripper clips or on Minimi links. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Lake City M193:
US Military 55gn ammo. Still produced by the US Arsenals for National Guard units armed with M16A1's. Excellent quality ammo, packaged on stripper clips in Bandoleers. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Lake City SS109:
Shot in a no-name parts 16" 1/9 twist, Lake City SS109 from Eric the ammoman, comes belted(!) in SAW packs, a bit of a hassle to take off the belts, but GREAT stuff. 1993 headstamp. This is excellent stuff, as good as I've seen for non-match grade ammo. Submitted by: jeph

 Lapua 55GN:
I've tried 80 rounds of Lapua 55gr and got .5" groups at 50 yds. suprising to me was a mix of frontier brass mixed in one open box it was hpbt moly coated and I had better groups with those. Fired from a m15a2 match rifle with no scope indoors. I have success with federal's gold match and Hornady vmax too. Submitted by: 4/7/03

Malaysian 55Gn:
Used to be very common and inexpensive, had problems with excessive pressure, blown primers and fragile brass. the supply of this seems to have dried up. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

I have shot hundreds of rounds of the Malaysian mil-surp ammo through both an AR and a Mini-14. It functions flawlessly through both types, including a 180 series Mini that was rusted shut when I bought it.  Can't say what the accuracy was, as I was plinking, but I didn't have a single hiccup. No problems with the brass, either. It does, however, STINK. I think it's from guanadine nitrate in the powder, but I'm not sure. It is also dirty; after 60 rounds at very rapid fire through a new SS Mini, the slip-on flash suppressor had bubbling brown goo where it met the barrel. Powder residue of some sort, I suppose. Other than that, I highly recommend it. Submitted by: Conard Le

Olympic  62gr & 55gn:
Hello. I want to warn anyone who is thinking of buying this OLYMPIC ammo to NOT TO DO IT!!!  I have a case of ss109 and a case of the 193 stuff. I have shot about 30 rounds of the 109 stuff and it aways failed to eject and the last round blew the primer and froze up the bolt on my Bushmaster shorty. The 55grain 193 ammo did just as bad except about 3 out of every ten would eject. The accuracy was very bad. Around six inches at 100 yds. There is something wrong with this ammo. It looks real nice and is new but it is BAD BAD BAD. Dont waste your money and DONT DAMAGE YOUR GUN. I have 1900 rounds of the ammo left. It is about $400 worth. It is not worth one dollar. I wont even trade it. I am putting it in the land fill so no one else gets a damaged gun or hurt. This is not a joke. I mean it. Any questions you can email me. Submitted by:

Also, in regard to Olympic Ammo... i have fired about 2000 rounds of it now with only one FTE and a brief incident of short-stroking which was cleared by adding some CLP. No complaints and tell the gent i will take his 'land fill' rounds and put some holes in paper with them. Submitted by: Domenic

Olympic 62 Gr. SS109, Fired 100 rounds through a Colt MTHBAR. 70 to 80 of these failed to eject. I would get extraction, but no ejection. Bolt would stop halfway over the magazine. This was a reliably bad ammo. Submitted by: Jim Dillus,

Gaged  400 rounds, of randomly picked 50 round boxes using Dillon gage. All of it speced perfectly. Fired 300 rnds of it today, with no failures to fire, no failures to feed, no failures to eject, and no blown primers.  Fired this out of three different uppers, 1 11.5 inch w/5 inch flash hider, and 2 20 inch uppers, one of which was a 1:7 twist. Its a bit dirty, but no worse than UMC or some of the other target ammo. Accuracy was decent. Able to hit a 4 inch metal post consistanly, rapid fire(1 rnd per second) at 100 yds from bench using A1 sights with all three uppers. I'll also take some of the landfill ammo if he's giving it away. Submitted by: Tom, 4/6/03

   I "tried" to use 90 rounds of Olympic SS109 head stamped NPA  01 at the top and 5.56X45 at the bottom, this stuff is junk! I had a Bushmaster shorty AK, which I've put all kinds of different stuff through just fine, like wolf 55 grn, federal M193, Winchester (the israeli kind), South African 55 grn. just to name afew, and I never had a problem. I would like to agree with the other comments about the Olympic SS109, it is by far the worst ammo I have ever used ever, and I don't mean just in the AR, I mean ammo for every weapon and every caliber I have ever fired! I have never seen anything like it. Over half the rounds didn't eject, sometimes because of a short stroke sometimes because they got stuck in the boltface which caused nasty double feeds. To top it all off, the rifle was filthy after firing the first mag. I put a whole battle pack of south African through with out that much filth, probably the cleanest ammo I have used next to some M855 made by Olin. Cleaning the rifle after using the Olympic ammo was similar to cleaning a black powder rifle. If I hadn't have put 20 rounds of the Olin brand M855 through after using the Olympic, cleaning the gun might have took hours. I knew the Olin M855 was very clean, it comes in a white box on stripper clips. It says M855 PENETRATOR I highly recomend it. Olin has factories in Israel and the US, they also supply winchester the 193 copies, the "white box" stuff. The M855 have the NATO cross.  To say the least, the problem with the Olympic SS109 dwells in the powder. I also noted when I was loading some stripper clips with Olympic SS109 that it slid a bit harder into the clip than M855 NATO or M193 NATO. I tried the same stripper clips with each kind and the Olympic slid on harder every time. Plus it would bind up when trying to charge a magazine. Where NATO type loaded perfectly, I never got out the micrometer but I think the stripper clip experience was enough to lend notion that case size might play a part in the rounds getting stuck on the bolt face. Submitted by: Rob 4/11/03

I just bought a Colt Target Match M-4 Carbine with a 1:7.  It was suggested that I use 62gr ammo only for this barrel twist.  So I bought the cheapest. Olympic SS109 in 62gr made in Greece.  Well when I got to the range (all excitied to shoot) I loaded up my 30 round mags with this stuff.  Slapped it into my new M-4 and charged a round into the chamber. Fired 5 shots and on the sixth shot nothing. Pulled the charging handle back and no round was in the chamber. Let it slam to home. Fired one shot and JAM.  Cleared the jam and fired again. Jam. This next jam was bad. A primer was lodged into the chamber with a live round jammed in there also.  I cleared the jam and when I ejected the mag a few primers fell out!!!  I went to look for the spent casings and found a few with the primers blown off! Well I continued to load up a 20 rd mag. Fired once, JAM. Cleared and fired again, JAM.  I was getting so frustrated because this rifle is BRAND NEW.  Cleared the jam and tried again. This time when I tried to fire the hammer failed to drop!  Pulled the charging handle and ejected a live round and a fresh round went into the chamber.  Pressed the trigger and nothing. Hammer won't drop. I made safe and opened her up. What I saw was beyond me. The trigger group was covered in primers.  They were lodged in everywhere.  It took me an hour to clear all the primers out of the trigger group so that it could function.  Finally I told myself, this ammo is bad stuff.  I looked through my spotting scope and the accuracy was TERRIBLE at 100 yards.  I was upset.  I did bring a long a box of Winchester Q3131A in 55gr.  Loaded 25 rounds in a mag and fired.  Not a single jam. Bolt held open after last shot (unlike the Olympic junk).  This is a conclusion that the Olympic SS109 in 62gr ammo is defective. At least the batch I got.  It is not safe ammo.  Please be aware of this stuff. At one point when I ejected a mag the first round on top had a loose bullet!  I touched it and the bullet came off and the powder just came right out.  The bullet was not seated correctly or it came loose from .223 recoil. Take it for what its worth.  I will NEVER use this stuff. Beware of Olympic ammo from Greece. Submitted by: 5/12/03

Korean ammo made to Commercial Specs. I consider this to be very good "Budget" ammo second only to Federal American Eagle. I have fired several thousand rounds of PMC ammo with no malfunctions from any AR. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

The test ammo was all 55 gr, the test barrel was a Bushmaster M4 (14.5", 1:9 twist, chrome lined)  w/AK brake (post ban) . The test ammo included Winchester White Box Q3131A(made in Israel!) Georgia Arms remanufactured, S&B steel cased, and PMC. The Winchester ( a M193 Clone ) had the least amount of flash. A tiny bit to either side of the brake (smaller than a golf ball) and a 'corscrew' flash from the muzzle about 3-6" long (it varied). The next in line were the Georgia Arms and the S&B. Both of these flashed about the same.  Flashes to the sides were just a bit larger than a golf ball and the muzzle flash was more tear drop shaped with the larger end at the muzzle (a little smaller than the size of a base ball). The PMC was the worst flashing.  It also had the most variance.  The best rounds were similar to the S&B.  However usually it produced a much larger flash, the base of the 'teardrop' from the muzzle approaching softball size and the side blasts were fist sized. Submitted by: Platt, Forest E.

I have fired several hundred rounds of this through by Bushmaster 16" Shorty AK without any mech failures. At 100 yards this ammo has maintained consistent 2" groups.  It does have a larger flash than most and the cartridge is clean, neat and easily reloadable.  I put this one at the top of my "budget ammo" list. Submitted by:

Russian 55Gn:
This is the copper jacketed, steel cased ammo available from Cheaper than Dirt & Classic Arms. I have shot lots of the Russian stuff and it shoots rather accurately 1-2 inches at 100yds from a 20" floated barrel rifle. Its not exceptionally dirty (not as bad as PMC) and the muzzle flash was almost invisible using the new Phantom flash suppressor. Submitted by: Nick

I recently purchase 1000 rounds of this stuff and have had severe problems with blown primers. My AR-15 bolt actually filled up with primer caps and jammed during rapid fire. A Remington 700 and Ruger Ranch rifle also fell victim to this round with jammed firing pins. I have about 600 rounds for sale cheap if interested.
The head stamp is TCW Rem 223. The box is white, no lot or date code. It simply says TCW Ammunition Made in Russia. I have attached photos of the box and head stamp. The photo with the head stamp also shows an example of a blown primer which we have experienced on a very high percentage of these rounds. The problem was experienced on four different rifles, so it is not a firing pin issue. Submitted by: Edward Pagel

I took my new colt 20" h-bar match target competition to shot it for the first time. The Wolf .223 never cycled a round, it would shoot, throw the case, and the action would close with no new round in the cahmber. I tried this 85 times with the same result, sometimes the action would pick up anew round but it would not close all the way.  I borrowed five rounds of Winchester white box from a buddy, and all of it functioned properly at the range.  I plan on going back next weekend and trying some UMC Remington.  I have heard it's good. Submitted by: Al johnson

There are two different Russian factories supplying ammo to the US:  Wolf (Tula) and Barnaul. Wolf advertises no steel in their ammo.  My experience is with the Barnaul that comes in a red, white & blue box.  This is Berdan primed, steel cased with a green lacquer coating that hides in the grass. The bullet is steel jacketed (FMJ) with a copper plating. This is my "plinking ammo".  It's been 100% surefire with no failures to feed, chamber or extract and no split cases.  The flash seems to vary from a 2" ball to a 12" ball, though the sound and felt recoil are consistent (subjective, not instrumented). I've let a number of people fire this in my 20" HBAR kit gun (Wilson barrel chambered by Model 1 Sales), accuracy seems to be 3" to 4" from an elbow support, sitting at a bench with iron A2 sights. Cleanliness is similar to other ammo I've fired. Bore or throat wear from steel jackets, I have no way of measuring.  Recovered bullets show rifling engraving similar to copper jacketed from this rifle.  No exposed steel under 25x magnification. I'm happy with this ammo for plinking. Bought it from  Excellent delivery, next day as part of the ammo price. Submitted by: Norm Glitz

I have put over 1000 rounds of 55 grain .223 Wolf ammunition through my Armalite M-15A4 without 1 single failure due to a poor round. I had a few problems originally because i was using a crappy magazine with a weak spring.  But, when i replaced my magazines with GI Issue mags, the ammo fired flawlessly. It is somewhat dirty, but the cheap price is worth the extra cleaning time and supplies to get your chamber and barrel shining again. I have heard a few stories about Wolf ammo gunking the barrel up enough to have a blocked barrel and then a destroyed forend, but i have never experienced any of the problems myself and am quite pleased with the ammo.  However, because of these stories, i would recommend not to fire more than 500 rounds through in a row without running a patch and bore brash in and out a few times. Submitted by: Adam Richards

Just thought I would tell you of my recent experiance with 5.56x45 Russian JSC Barnaul Machine-Tool Building Plant ammunition. A friend and I both purchased 1000 rounds of this ammunition from Midway USA (part number 510343) to use as plinking ammo.  On the first weekend we both had free, we packed up the ammo and some rifles to do some plinking at the local range. My friend brought his Colt AR-15/A2 HBAR and I brought my Ruger mini-14 (classic, not ranch).  As we loaded up our magazines we imediately noticed thay our hands were yellow from the lacquer finish that is applied to the steel cartridge cases. We then proceeded to shoot this new ammo to see how it performed.  My friend shot less than 40 rounds before his Colt started having problems with case extractions.  The bolt would retract, but leave the spent cartridge stuck in the chamber.  We removed the bolt carrier to examine the extractor hook, and it was fine. I then used my cleaning rod to remove the empty round from the chamber, and had to "tap" it quite hard.  We then inspected the chamber and found it to be covered with a white powder, especially in the neck area. I beleive that lacquer was building up in the chamber area until it actually glued the fired casing to the chamber wall.  Giving the chamber area a good brushing with solvent and a M16 chamber brush allowed another 40-50 rounds to be fired until the same problem occured.
   My experiance with my Ruger mini-14 was quite different. I fired over 200 rounds before I had problems. My gun first started to misfeed, sometimes stovepiping, sometimes failing to strip a new round.  This particular Ruger has always been very reliable, eating anything I would feed it without any malfunctions. I checked the chamber, and sure enough, it was covered with the same white powder. I used a pipe cleaner to get a sample of this powder, and found it to be very sticky.  Again, after cleaning the chamber area, my Ruger shot fine.
My conclusion, baised on actual field testing of JSC Barnaul Machine-Tool Building Plant (red-white-blue colored box) is as follows:
1) I would not recommend this ammunition for any one to use as self defense ammunition!  It is just too unreliable.
2) Even though it is attractively priced (cheap), it is not worth the hassles involved.  Buy brass cartridge ammo.
3) This ammunition not only uses a steel cartridge casing, but the projectile is actually copper PLATED steel, with a lead core.
4) Accuracy, when it would shoot, was mediocre. My Ruger normally shoots a 2" group at 100 yards with NATO ammo.  This ammo shot 4" at 100 yds.
5) Out of the 300 or so rounds fired, there were 11 misfires, all of which were struck well by the firing pin.  A second chambering produced ignition. Submitted Anonymously.

In my Bushmaster AR-15, I used to shoot Remington manufactured "UMC" rounds which I purchased at Wal-Mart for, I think, $3.95 for 20 rounds? For some as of yet unknown reason, the ammo would jam usually at least once for every 10 to 20 rounds shot. I would have two rounds in the receiver at once and have to pry them out. I ordered 1000 rounds of Wolf .223 FMJ 55g. from After firing around 600 rounds, I have had no misfires and have not had the weapon jam even once. 600 rounds may be a statistically small and insignificant sample but I believe what I see. Also the Wolf ammo was only $115 for 1000 rounds. You do the math. It's the cheapest I've found so far. I'm sticking with Wolf. Submitted by: Angus McTavish

Wolf Ammo.....I had heard all the stories about wolf, some positive and a lot negetive. I bought 5 boxes and fired it through my MAK-90 and it fired flawlessly. I have since bought my second case and have to yet have any problems. My gun has remained pretty clean considering the amount of ammo i have shot thru it. This ammo isnt the most accurate stuff in the world but it is cheap when you just want to plink. Try J& out of Arizona to get this stuff at $100 per case. They have the 55gr-62gr, and hollow point stuff. also if you write they will send you some press clippings from gun world mag and a sticker just for asking. Submitted by:

I own A bushmaster 16" A1 .I ran at least 1500 rnds through it. I had 1 failure. my bolt was stuck open with a rnd stuck in the lower grove .I just pulled back my handle and it went in . i kept shooting and no more failures ( may be it was i did not clean it for 400 rnds) .so far I only used wolf 55g . out of about 20 shots I hit a basket ball sized rock at 200 yards on one knee 4 times (the other guy won he hit it 12 times with his armorlite same ammo). I  recommend wolf highly .just keep a round out of a hot chamber unless you shoot (to Keep the coating from softening and sticking in your chamber) .I cant tell you about chamber wear .Submitted by: Richard Herman (read next post)

I thought wolf ammo was the way to go but its not. I shot at least 2000 rounds and now I am sending my upper back to bushmaster to get the goo out of my chamber you cant get it out with any solvents with out hurting the chrome lining .they have to use a chamber advice is spend the extra money to buy brass ammo it will pay off in the long run. Submitted by: Richard Herman

I have shot several thousand rounds of Wofl through a Mini 14, Mini 30, SKS, Mosin Nagant, Colt 45ACP, Glock and Ruger 9mm, and of course my AR15 (Oly PCR3). The stuff works just fine if the weapon is in good condition and CLEAN.  Will you shoot sub-MOA with Wolf .223?, I don't think so. That said, it is just fine for plinking. I think all the bad press is nothing more than a urban myth. Keep it clean and use good mags and you will do just fine. My AR15 loves the stuff! Submitted by: Bryan

I bought a quantity of tcw ammo when I first got my mini, thinking I could shoot cheap.. Not so at all. This stuff caused the breakage on two firing pins within about 200 rounds. I cant understand how they can sell this stuff for use in a mini. Maybe a russian gun would handle it.  I cant return it, the dealer says he doesn't carry it anymore,  so I pulled the bullets , reserved the powder and loaded it inro brass cases.  No problem with firing pins now, but a negetion of any perceived savings, for sure. Even the bullet weights are so far out, 2 grains from lightest to heaviest out of about three hundred, that it is like throwing rocks if you don't weigh and sort it. This stuff is garbage and should be taken off the market. Submitted by: Lynn Judd

My fellow shooters, I recently became the proud owner of a new Armalite AR180-B. I purchased 500 rounds of Russian ammo to get me started, "season the barrel, etc.," I come to find our from "collectors" (I shoot with every Sunday) that the Russian stuff with scratch your chamber and the Lacquer will coat your chamber. I followed up on this warning by contacting Armalite and also an engineer from Colt's, they both said this is true. If you have a chrome lined barrel, then knock yourself out with the Russian stuff. I have used Winchester white box and Remington/UMC with good results. No data yet on accuracy, putting a new scope on. LOC N' LOAD. Submitted by: BEN

I have shot 500 rounds 250 clean and oil then 250 again. Knot to accurate but no feed or extract problems. Submitted by: 4/19/03

Russian 62Gn:
A Steel Cased and Steel Jacketed load with a Lead Core. Has been completely reliable in my experience. Some indoor ranges and outdoor ranges concerned about fire hazards may not allow this ammo because of the steel jacket. This ammo is inexpensive and may be a good choice for someone seeking better barrier penetration than 55Gn without the high cost of SS109. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Here are my experiences with the Russian 62gr ammo I purchased recently from Ammoman: Its comparable to the IMI (62 gr silver tip) I was also shooting. The cases ejected WAY off to the right though and I did run into a couple hard primers which didnt go 'bang' the first time around. One case split about half way down on one side (from the neck). This was the only one though (I policed all of the cases to see if others turned up). I dont think it was an over pressure problem because the primer nor the case head showed any of the classic signs of over pressure. It was as accurate out of a 16" barrel as the IMI. Amazingly this ammo is pretty clean. In fact its cleaner than the IMI. The only 'problem' is that it looks like the ejecting cases (steel) are harder on the finish than brass. For the money though I think its a good deal. Submitted by: JimG

Russian 62 gr steel jacket ammo. Beautiful ammo, bright copper coated projectile, berdan primed, steel cased, it is much like Russian hollow point in the look of the case. Comes in a 500 rd box that fits nicely in a .50 can.  Inside is a plastic wrapper and 20 rd individual boxes. The cartridges are sealed at the projectile and primer with a red seal. Took nine rds to zero. Shot 590 rds Russian 62 gr. out of 3 rifles without incident.  It is accurate out to 300 yards, with iron sights or my Tasco 3x9x40 rubber armoured scope mounted on A.R.M.S. #2. Fired at a 1.5' x 2' half inch steel plate at 300 yards.  The penetration is only slightly more than 55 gr ball, about 1/8 of an inch. Submitted by: Kendall A. Payne

I have fired approximately 750 rounds of the 1000 rounds that I ordered from Eric the Ammoman About 500 rounds through a 20" bbl, and 250 through a 16" bbl. The ammo is clean and reliable, and accurate enough for me to use it in a Service Rifle Leg match out to 600yds. Submitted by: Clark, Andrew 2ND LT

Just read Al Johnson's submission to the .223 Ammo review, about the Wolf brand (Russian), and I wondered what bullet weight that ammo was. Not that it should matter, probably, because if the ammo is underpowdered - which I believe is the problem - then the bullet weight would not matter. I got a 1000 round case of Wolf in 62 grain at a gun show in Aurora, CO, a few weeks ago and today I shot it for the first time (had to zero in my new BushMaster, 20" barrel). I actually zeroed the rifle using 10 rounds of Federal .223 in 62 grain, then loaded up with Wolf, just for plinking - and had the same problem Al described. The very first round fired, but the case swelled up so much the extractor could not eject it - took a bite out of the rim, but the case would not come out. Good thing I had my cleaning rod, so I could tap the case out of the chamber going in thru the muzzle. The rest of the 30-round mag was terrible - every other round would fire, the bolt would fly back about 75% of the way, the spent case would eject feebly, and the next round would not be stripped from the top of the mag and chambered. Quite clearly, the ammo is loaded very unevenly (some rounds would cycle the action adequately), so it's hard even to assess its accuracy potential when most of the time you cringe with every pull of the trigger, not knowing if you'll have to manually feed the rounds into the chamber. I suppose this batch would work quite well in a bolt-action .223 rifle, but in a semi-auto weapon it is simply too unreliable... Submitted by:

I ordered  1000 rounds from ammoman .com of this steel cased, non reloadable FMJ ammunition. Having shot almost all of it now through my early model ar-15 A2 it has performed flawlessly.... ALL the time! I had to smooth out the feed ramps on my gun, as they were scratching the cases and sometimes jamming in the ramps. However, this had nothing at all to do with the wolf ammo! There was a small amount of casting or machining flashing on the ramps edges which was causing the problem. This ammo is cheap, fairly clean shooting and I will, for sure, buy another case when this one is gone. Great price....good plinking ammo. Submitted by: Dale Hunter

Bought a case of Wolf .223 FMJ ammo with the 62-grain bullets. Fired about 180 rounds thru a Colt AR6520 with no problems. Perfect extraction and ejection. Accuracy was okay. Then fired the same ammo thru a Robinson M96 rifle. Lots of problems. The bolt was locked in battery every 15 rounds or so. Had to pound on the bolt handle to free up the bolt and eject the stuck case. Tried different magazines (GI Aluminum, Thermolds, Israeli Orlites, and Beta C-Mag) with the M96 but the problem persisted. By the sixth time it occurred, I left the range in disgust. On the other hand, I've put a couple of cases of Wolf 7.62x39mm FMJ ammo thru a Hungarian FEG AK and Norinco SKS with no problems. Having read the other comments surrounding Wolf ammo, it seems that the problem lies with the lacquer coating on the steel cases. If you fire Wolf ammo thru a firearm with "mil-spec" or "generous" chamber tolerances, it functions fine. However, fire the same ammo in a firearm with tight chamber tolerances, then you're in trouble. The slight accuracy advantage that the M96 rifle had over a rack-grade AR lies in its tighter chamber tolerances. However, if you feed it ammo with lacquer coated cases, it becomes totally unreliable. I suspect if alot of Wolf ammo is fired thru any AR-15, enough of that lacquer coating would build up on the chamber walls to cause the same extraction problems experience with the M96 or any other .223 weapon (ie. Mini-14). Also tried firing the Wolf .223 thru my Thompson Contender single-shot pistol with 10" barrel. The round went in the chamber easily. The action closed up perfectly. The round fired perfectly. However, no matter how hard I yanked on the Thompson's trigger guard to open the action, it would not open to extract the empty case. Had to remove the handguard in order to detach the barrel action from the pistol frame. Then it required a cleaning rod thru the muzzle to push out the stuck Wolf case. Never had such a malfunction with my Thompson Contender .223 pistol using brass cased ammo. Any questions, contact me at

S&B SS109:
A fair quality SS109 equivalent available in brass or steel cased. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

I've shot the S&B steel case though 14.5", 16" and 20" barrels, it patterns well in all 3, I've regularly shot dime sizes groups at 30m with all 3 barrels. Submitted by: Frank Severino

Have shot about 3k rds of 55g. S&B steel case with 100% "go-bang" rate. But, last outing I had 2 rds. that did not fire.  The primer had a nice pin indent but the primer was falling about half way out, then later had another primer that fired and fell out of the case. Neither bullet left the case. Submitted by: Mark T.

The test ammo was all 55 gr, the test barrel was a Bushmaster M4 (14.5", 1:9 twist, chrome lined)  w/AK brake (post ban) . The test ammo included Winchester White Box Q3131A(made in Israel!) Georgia Arms remanufactured, S&B steel cased, and PMC. The Winchester ( a M193 Clone ) had the least amount of flash. A tiny bit to either side of the brake (smaller than a golf ball) and a 'corscrew' flash from the muzzle about 3-6" long (it varied). The next in line were the Georgia Arms and the S&B. Both of these flashed about the same.  Flashes to the sides were just a bit larger than a golf ball and the muzzle flash was more tear drop shaped with the larger end at the muzzle (a little smaller than the size of a base ball). The PMC was the worst flashing.  It also had the most variance.  The best rounds were similar to the S&B.  However usually it produced a much larger flash, the base of the 'teardrop' from the muzzle approaching softball size and the side blasts were fist sized. Submitted by: Platt, Forest E.

I have found the Sellier & Bellot to be one of the best "Budget"(under $4.00) rounds available for my AR15. I have fired over 1000 rounds with only one FTF. At 95 yards it will consistently maintain a 3" group from a Bushmaster AR 16" AK. Submitted by:

I work for a sheriffs office and on the swat team and use m4 my personal weapon is a m4 bushmaster 14.5 barrel i shoot s&b 55gr  3,000 plus with no mailfunctions how ever the win stuff my dept bought lot pn22 jammed in all the m4s winshester asked for the ammo back so they could test it and they have been very helpfull in trying to solve this
problem. Submitted by: Scott Buttery Scott@Gunnery.Net

I own a New England Arms single shot 223 with a heavy barrel. I invested in the 55 gr. S&B simple for the cost aspect of the round. This round is excellent out to 100 yards. I am a ex-USMC scout sniper so I enjoy putting my weapon to the test at greater distances. I have held 3-5 shot groups inside a nickel out to ranges of 300 yards. The problem I had with this ammo was the inconsistency. I would shoot a outstanding 3 round group and the very next group would all be fliers. I know my sight picture and everything was the same each time. Submitted by: Cameron D. Harp

South African 55GN:
Very common and inexpensive surplus ammo. Has hard primers that may not fire in guns with match triggers or weak hammer springs, not reloadable. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Shot 90 rounds yesterday (3/27/99) through a Bushmaster shorty post-ban. No failures, no hangups, or jams. About 2.5" at 200 yards, semi-rested hold, w/6x scope. Good ammo for social purposes, accurate enough for my 16". I plan on buying more. Submitted by: Henry

The South African I have ('83) did not eject reliably from a factory full-auto Steyr AUG.  Functioned fine in M16 and AC556. When commenting on ammo, it might be helpful to have complete information in the remarks. The SA, for example, comes in a brown paper box labelled "30 RD 5,56 x 45mm BALL M1A2 672 A 83" and is headstamped 83 at 12 o'clock and 12 at 6 o'clock. The year and/or lot # may be very useful in identifying especially good or especially bad ammo. 5.56 rounds bearing the headstamps "SS109 95" (12 & 6 o'clock); nato circle/cross 93 TZZ (12, 4, 8 o'clock); TZZ 8 96 1 (12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock) were found among the Burns Bros "IMI" bulk loose ammo that blew up my friends AR15 []. Some rounds had 223 REM in ink on the side of the case. Submitted by: PeterAZ FFLC3

I recently shot about 130 rounds of this from a 16" postban Bushmaster (no brake). It may be military - its packed in wedge-shaped brown cardboard boxes, 30 rounds/box labeled as follows:

30 CART.
.223 REM
55gr FJBT
LOT No. 002

Manufactured in South Africa By Denel (Pty) Ltd. WARNING: .....
The headstamp is "DNL 223 REM" No circle- cross so not NATO. The brass looks good, very uniform, no dents, uniform junction between bullets and cases. The primers seem to be sealed with a light colored substance. No steel (magnet test). It apparently does have flash retardant. We could see no flash at all from the 16" postban, but it was a bright sunny day (although the Hawks View ammo produced a large visible flash in spite of the sunshine!). The SA seemed quite accurate. Accuracy seemed comparable to the bulk Hawks View, which I also liked. I can't comment on cleanliness of this ammo as several types were shot that day:

230 Hawks View (large flash)
120 Russian Wolf (some flash)
130 S. African Denel (no flash)
40 UMC Remington (no flash)

My rifle was pretty dirty after this, but I would expect it to be dirty after that many rounds of any ammo. The only failure was one failure to feed on the Wolf ammo. I don't know if this is the same S. African that Eric (Ammoman) is selling, but I would buy it again. Apparently Coles' still has it available at $189 + UPS (as of 9/99). Submitted by: Dave Smith

Shot 990 rounds out of a 20" A-2 and 16" AK-47. Brass bright and clean with a sorta dull look to it. I noticed that it started to discolor a couple days after taking a couple out of the box. The rim has some (sealant)? white gritty powder residue or something on it. I did not notice to much build up on my extractor. The Headstamp reads DNL 223 REM. Comes in 30 rd wedge shaped boxes. Mine was Lot No. 003.  Out of the 990 rounds I had ten get stuck in the chamber that would not extract out with the bolt. I think this was a combo of a new tight chamber and the fact that the brass has a dull texture to it.. making it hang up.  Ammo burns very clean, My rifle did not look like it had seen 990 rounds through it when I was done.  I would bought another case just because of this feature. I noticed no flash at all on the 20" AR or the 16" AK. Usually I get a big ball of flash off the 16" AK because of an AK-74 type muzzle break. Not with this ammo.Accuracy seemed to be like normal with mil surplus m-193 ammo. I got right under 1.5 "groups with the AR and under 2.5" with the AK. For some reason the AK really liked it, I normally can't get it to group that well.  Also shot at a 1" thick steel plate at 100 yards. Sometimes it would put craters in the plate, other times it just made marks, which I found strange. Submitted by: Jesse L / AKMAN

I have shot over 2000 rounds of this ammo and have not had one problem. It is very clean burning, hardly any muzzle flash and no misfires. the ammo I have is labeled from Lot 10. It is fairly cheap near me so I buy it whenever I get the chance. I highly recommend this ammo to everyone. I have to give it an A+. Submitted by:

Concerning South African ammo. I got stuck with some 300 round battle packs that were marked , "5.56 X 45 mm, BALL M1A3 378 A86. Head stamp "86" at 12 o-clock, and "13" at 6 o-clock. I would be afraid to give them away because of the potential liability. Very dirty, with many recessed primers that would not fire. I would like to see someone report on the groups of IMI 855s, as they seem hot and quality controlled. Submitted by:

South African M856:
These are the tracers that accompany the ss109 in SAW packs. Beware that shooting these will gunk up you AR very fast. Shot bout 300 rounds of the south african then 20 tracers...Started shortstrokin.  When cleaning the carbon etc was everywhere.  It is fun to look at but put 2 regular rounds between them to try and blow out the gunk...They will start fires! :) Submitted by:

Spanish SS109:  
Beautiful Brass Cased, NC, NON green tip. Bought from for $299 per 2,000 delivered. Came in a wooden case, with steel reinforcements, in 20 rd boxes. From my Colt 20" 1/7 A2 upper, fired 8 rds at 1/2" steel plate.  The bullets penetrated, intact, all the way up to the base of the bullets, so that the copper coloured base was all that was visible. Seems they dissipated all their energy in the penetration, but did not have enough left to cause the cratering or bulge. Fired a total of 30 rounds of the Spanish, at 200 and 300 yards it is very accurate at man sized targets.  It is definitely Berdan (d#$%Yankee) primed, i. e. non-reloadable. However, it does not have the energy of the Hirtenberger SS109, or the IMI M855, which penetrated the steel plate and caused cratering. Although a great value for practice, would not want to have to go to war with this ammo. Submitted by: Kendall Payne

I have just bought a used but like new Colt match target HBAR, 20" barrel, RH 1 turn in 7", this rife shoots 55 or 62 gr ammo just fine, the rifle twist is made for 62 gr. I bought the ammo below from the "AmmoMan", it works great, less than 1/2 " group at 70 yard
223 STEEL CORE 62gr.
Submitted by:

Swiss GP90:
I took the opportunity at yesterday's Long Island Shoot in Calverton to test out the Swiss GP90 that is currently selling. The conditions were overcast with gusts of wind and the temperature around 48-52 degrees. All shots were taken with the front of the gun rested. Some groups were the result of a read rest as well, but I can't remember which ones.

The guns used were:

A Colt Hbar Elite with a 24" Stainless barrel and Leupold 3.5-10x40 Illuminated M3 optics and a DPMS 16" Stainless fluted upper with Leupold 4.5-14x50AO optics.

The targets below were witnessed by Hoplite, Wave and ChrisLE. All were fired at 100 yards and luckily, no morons shot at my targets while I was there! Captions above the target describe the gun used and will give the approximate size of the group, using a center to center measuring. The first two targets were the best from the day, but the "worst" were all under 1" while I was TRYING. Others were rapid fire, but I posted the pics anyway.

5 shots = .4" - Colt Elite
3 shots = .25" - DPMS
5 shots = .87" - DPMS
5 shots = .77" - DPMS
3 shots = .37" - DPMS

Accuracy was completely repeatable and pretty much all under 1" even with the larget groups. Overall, the Elite shot better than the DPMS. Both have 1/9" twists and will shoot just about anything accurately. Submitted by: Greg M.

Ultramax .223:
I shoot varmints all the time. Ultramax 223 ammo is cheap and very accurate. I like the 50grain TNT speer hollow point. $229 for a 1000 rounds.Submitted by: Jon Schneller

Winchester USA:
A US Made "Budget" load frequently called "Winchester White Box."There were some problems with this ammo being over pressure and blowing primers. Winchester pulled this ammo off the market a couple years ago but it has recently resurfaced. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Personaly, I have had very good luck with lots dated 1988-1993, though it isnt especialy accirate in 1/7" barrels. Some later lots seem to give other people problems with excess pressure and blown primers. Submitted by: Tom Simpson

I just fired about 600 rounds through my Bushmaster AK Shorty, I had about 15 blown primers, and 1 case failed to eject. I will no longer allow this ammo in my AR! The flash was alot larger than the PMP I usually shoot. ( Sunny conditions)  Submitted by: jamie tidwell

Winchester (IMI) M193:
The test ammo was all 55 gr, the test barrel was a Bushmaster M4 (14.5", 1:9 twist, chrome lined)  w/AK brake (post ban) . The test ammo included Winchester White Box Q3131A (made in Israel!) Georgia Arms remanufactured, S&B steel cased, and PMC. The Winchester ( a M193 Clone ) had the least amount of flash. A tiny bit to either side of the brake (smaller than a golf ball) and a 'corscrew' flash from the muzzle about 3-6" long (it varied). The next in line were the Georgia Arms and the S&B. Both of these flashed about the same.  Flashes to the sides were just a bit larger than a golf ball and the muzzle flash was more tear drop shaped with the larger end at the muzzle (a little smaller than the size of a base ball). The PMC was the worst flashing.  It also had the most variance.  The best rounds were similar to the S&B.  However usually it produced a much larger flash, the base of the 'teardrop' from the muzzle approaching softball size and the side blasts were fist sized. Submitted by: Platt, Forest E.

GREAT! Shot VERY tight groups (5 shot 1/2 inch was the best) on average 1 to 1 1/2 inch groups with a Bushmaster Dissipator. NO FAILURES! was very consistent. Has waterproofing on slug and primer. REAL M193 slugs with thicker jacketing then US Q3131. Q3131A is sold under Winchester but made by I. M. I.  My choice for SHTF... Submitted by:

Winchester 55gn PSP:
A good varmint load for game such as coyotes and large groundhogs. To light for deer but a good LE tactical round. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

Winchester 64GN PowerPoint:
An excellent near Match quality JSP load. Specifically designed by Winchester as a deer load for those who refuse to go to a bigger caliber than 223. Would be an excellent choice for Police Snipers and hunters of very large varmints and SMALL deer. Submitted by: AR15fan@AOL.COM

WCC M193:
Winchester Q3131 55gr .223 ammo is stated by Winchester to be commercial M193 Ball and I believe it after shooting it.  Even smells like USGI M193 Ball. I recommend this ammo.
The WCC93 stamped Winchester Q3131 M193 Ball is excellent ammo from a chronograph standpoint.  Winchester says it has th M193 bullet so it should be an excellent shooting ammo as well.
Weapon:          M4 Carbine (14.5" bbl)
Date:            16 Jul 99
Temperature      92F
Altitude         1200' ASL
Humidity         90%
Wind             NA

Number of shots:   30
Average velocity 3085.63  fps
Min velocity     3042.83  fps
Max velocity     3134.83  fps
Std Deviation      24.67  fps
Range of Velocity  92.00  fps
95% Conf Index     100.89  fps

Avg vel/Std Dev  0.79% (under 1%).

Not sure what problems folks are reporting with "Winchester white box" but it's not in their USGI M193 Ball, nor in this Q3131. Should shoot a full 3250 from a standard M16/AR15 20" bbl. Submitted by: Chuck Santose

Recently, there seems to have been a lot of complaints regarding Winchester Q3131 (55 gr fmj).  The complaints seem to be limited to the Q3131 made in the US, not the Q3131A made in Israel.  I have gone through +2000 rounds of Q3131 without a single malfunction of any kind.  I has been as accurate as any of the other commercial M193 type loads and it seems to have less of a muzzle flash than most.  It can be found for $189 at This is now the ammo that I stock up on, since I have confirmed that it functions great in all of my AR-15's, a Mini-14 and a Daewood DR200.  I recently purchased a case of Q3131A, that seems to shoot just about the same as the Q3131. Submitted by: Echell

WCC M855:
The WCC M855 I have is excellent ammo. It is head-stamped  "WCC 88" and shows evidence of being delinked. Supposedly repurchased from an Arab nation after the Gulf War. It shows very consistent velocities over the chronograph, is accurate and has a very low flash signature. WCC M855, LC M855 and Canadian C77 are my favorite M855 and they all seem identical to me. I'd buy more if I came across it for sale. Submitted by: Chuck Burns

Comprehensive Tests
The test ammo was all 55 gr, the test barrel was a Bushmaster M4 (14.5", 1:9 twist, chrome lined)  w/AK brake (post ban) . The test ammo included Winchester White Box Q3131A(made in Israel!) Georgia Arms remanufactured, S&B steel cased, and PMC. The Winchester ( a M193 Clone ) had the least amount of flash. A tiny bit to either side of the brake (smaller than a golf ball) and a 'corscrew' flash from the muzzle about 3-6" long (it varied). The next in line were the Georgia Arms and the S&B. Both of these flashed about the same.  Flashes to the sides were just a bit larger than a golf ball and the muzzle flash was more tear drop shaped with the larger end at the muzzle (a little smaller than the size of a base ball). The PMC was the worst flashing.  It also had the most variance.  The best rounds were similar to the S&B.  However usually it produced a much larger flash, the base of the 'teardrop' from the muzzle approaching softball size and the side blasts were fist sized. Submitted by: Platt, Forest E.

     *     *     *

I did a .223 cal. ammo test on 02/18/00. I tested 7 different domestic commercial loads (new and remanufactured). My gun is a box stock Colt Accurized Rifle CAR-A3 with 24" stainless 1 in 9" barrel. Wind was 15 to 20 mph head wind. All groups were 100 yd. 5 shot from bench with cleaning (2 solvent 1 dry patch) between groups. Here are the results in order best to last.

.32 MOA  Hornady Varmint Express 83253 40 gr. V-MAX moly Price per round .68
.44 MOA  American Eagle AE223 55 gr. FMJ Boat Tail Price per round .24
.55 MOA Norma Diamond 69 gr. Match hollow point moly Price per round .79
.61 MOA  Federal Premium P223E 55 gr Sierra Game King BTHP Price per round .56
.68 MOA  Black Hills (remanufactured) 55 gr FMJ Price per round .21
.74 MOA  Black Hills (remanufactured) 52 gr Match hollow point Price per round .25
1.24 MOA UMC 55 gr FMJ - Price per round .19
The test was not in ideal wind conditions so I will make another test in lower wind and at longer distances(200 & 300 yds.) soon. I was surprised how well the American Eagle (Federal) ammo did because it was one of the cheapest new loads. I was impressed with  the ballistic data on it before I shot it. It retained more energy at 500 yds than all but one of the loads (69 gr) I tested.  For the money and availability this load will be hard to beat for general use. Based on my test data I will probably work up some hand loads around the V-MAX ballistic tip bullet in 40gr, 50gr and 55gr, all moly (I like moly). I will report test when completed. Submitted by:

     *     *     *

I ran several lots of ammo thru my M4 Carbine today and the instrument velocities (4 yards) are listed below. Rifle is a Bushmaster M4 Carbine, magazines are USGI 20 rounders, 1200' ASL, 30F, no wind, 30%RH. At this temperature I'd discard anything under 2900fps (from the M4 bbl) and consider it "Plinking" ammo only. SD/Avg under 1 is considered "target" ammo.  Under 1.5 is OK. No one has published terminal ballistics on anything but M193 and
M855/SS109. 30 clocked rounds per cartridge. Barrel length is 14.5", not 20"!

                           Velocity                            Std
Cartridge        Low  High Avg  Spread   Dev   SD/Avg
~~~~~~~~~    ~~~   ~~~~  ~~~   ~~~~~~  ~~   ~~~~~~
IMI M193         2911 3031 2985 120      29    0.96

IMI M855         2914 2991 2950   77      20    0.67

Federal Am Eagle 2783 2930 2883 148      36    1.25
55gr FJM 98

Santa Barbara    2796 2878 2840   82      20    0.69
SS109 SB-93

Hirtenberger     2861 3032 2957 171      36    1.21
SS109 (83)

JSC Russian      2614 2771 2700 157      32    1.18
62gr Blue Box 98

IMG M193 80s     2927 3025 2976   98      28    0.93

TCW 55gr         2844 2964 2917 120      32    1.10
Russian 98

EHE Russian      2561 2762 2656 200      43    1.66
62gr Brown Box 99

No misfires or stoppages with any ammo during the test.
Submitted by:  Chuck

     *     *     *

I have run a factory ammo test; here are the results.

NOTES: All results are at 600ft elevation, 72 degrees to 80 degrees F.  20" chrome lined barrel, rifled 1/9 twist.  Chrono was 10 feet in front of muzzle.  Ten rounds were used to calculate each result. Relative humidity was approximately 70%.

NC= For various reason(s), I did not calculate this number.

Load     Type     Bullet    Wt     Avg Vel     SD

Black Hills    VMAX     50    3309     24

HSM Orange Box "Police Reloads"    FMJBT    55     3061    28

Winchester USA Brand     FMJBT     55    3269     42

PMC    FMJBT    55     3242    31

3D "Coyote Duster" SPBT    55     2991    34

UMC    FMJBT    55     3116    20

Denel (military M1A2) FMJBT    55     3258    NC

Malaysian Military     FMJBT     55    3311     14

Guatemalen Military    FMJBT    55     3286    30

Fed. "Hi-Power"(red box)     FMJBT     55    3142     49

Remington (green box)    HPBT     55    3166     15

S&B "M-193 Equivalent" Green Box     FMJBT     55    3180     NC

Russian-Barnaul    FMJBT    62     2966    19

IMI M-855/SS-109 FMJSCBT     62    3140     24
Submitted by: DonSchultz

     *     *     *

Dear Editor-
I read some of the stuff on this site and it was absolutely scary! I may never load a live round in my guns again.
I've been using a cherry pre-ban AR-15 green label A2 Sporter II and post-ban Bushmaster Shorty AK as my main guns with select ammo netting the following results:
Wolf 55-gr and 62-gr-
This stuff has been feeding well but is definitely "dirty" and smells weird after firing. I try not to do rapid fire strings so that the lacquer coating doesn't foul-up the bore, barrel or gas tube. No primer problems. Cheap enough at $.10 a round but I will definitely not buy any more. Anybody in NY want to buy my remaining stock?
South African 55-gr M1A3-
Seems like great ammo, brass case feeds well and is fairly clean and accurate. Shoots the center out of a small 8-inch target at 50M-100M and I have had no problems with primers or ejections. Supply has definitely dried up lately. Excellent ammo for $.12 round. Wish I could get more.
S&B 55-gr M193 & 62-gr M855/SS109-
Feeds well and is clean and accurate, but QC is suspect on some of the 55-gr stuff with different colored brass projectiles. Also had a squib round that almost blew my head off. The green tip 62-gr stuff seems like it's fine. No eject or primer problems.
Federal Lake City 55-gr and A/E 55-gr-
I agree with many shooters in these pages that state that this stuff is the best. Both of my ARs love this ammo, which is very reliable and accurate, producing tight groups and zero feeding or eject issues. However, at $.18 round, it's only for special occasions.
Olympic 55-gr M193-
Some of you guys out there are scaring me with your comments on this ammo. I recently acquired 2,000-rounds of it and will use it for the first time this weekend. Based on some of your comments, I hope to live to tell the tale. I've tried feeding and cycling it, with no apparent QC problems, but time will tell.
Winchester M855 62-gr, M886 62-gr tracer and WIN Israeli 55-gr-
I've used a bunch of the 55-grain stuff with good results, tight groups, clean feeds and no eject issues. The 62-gr military ammo is twice the price but the green tips are super accurate, with tight groups and much shooting in the same hole stuff.
I realize that much of this is a qualitative review, but hopefully you can use it on the site. After shooting over 10,000-rounds, I haven't experienced many of the problems mentioned on this site with some of the ammo, but maybe I've been leading a charmed life to date. We'll see. Submitted by: Capt.John 4/16/03

     *     *     *

I just bought a new Savage 12FV Varmint rifle. After the cleaning and breaking in of the barrel, and shooting from a Bipod, the Barnual 62gr HP seem to shoot the best. Granted a bipod is not the best test, but shot 20 rounds for each test using Black Hills 62gr SP, Wolf 62 gr FMJ, Wolf 55gr HP, PMC FMJ, UMC FMJ and some military with re-mounted Hornandy 55gr SP.  The Barnaul 62gr HP's would eat a nice 1.5 hole through the back board. Because I was using a bipod I had some out to 3", but this was a 20 shot test for each type of bullet. I was looking for which round could stack the most bullets into the smallest area. I will be shooting Prairie Dogs and the barrel will get hot and we will shoot alot. Three shots would not tell me what would happen under hunting conditions.  The worst was Wolf 55gr HP, I think the 1-9 twist may be too fast for this bullet. Two of the 20 shots hit the  target side-ways about 20" out. I think one more may have broken apart and never made it to the target. No other bullets had this problem. Submitted by: 5/12/03